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Product Information:

Level up your party game with our exclusive Gamer's Paradise Combo! This dynamic inflatable is a gamer's paradise brought to life, featuring vibrant, eye-catching graphics reminiscent of iconic gaming consoles. It's the ultimate dual-threat with a basketball hoop inside for sports enthusiasts and an exhilarating dual-lane slide culminating in a refreshing splash pool that promises endless hours of enjoyment.

This one-of-a-kind inflatable combo is designed to be a centerpiece at birthdays, game nights, and family gatherings. The interior basketball hoop encourages friendly competition, while the dual-lane slide offers a race to the splash landing pool, adding a cool finish to the excitement. It’s not just a bounce house; it’s a full-on competitive arcade where every jump and slide is part of the fun.

Ideal for birthday parties, community events, or any celebration looking to add a unique twist, our Gamer's Paradise Combo is not just a rental; it's an immersive adventure. Children and adults alike will be drawn to its creative design, eager to jump, slide, and play in this larger-than-life game setting.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

30’L x 16’W x 13’H

Space Needed:

30’L x 16’W x 13’H

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